Photos from Vogue, January of 2011

Here are some photos of my handmade Korean clothes featured in Vogue Korea, 2011!

120500500A male royal dancer is wearing a silk outer coat in deep purple and an inner coat. On his shoulders he wears shoulder ornaments made of goose feathers. During the reign of King Sejong during the Chosun dynasty in Korea, it was deemed inappropriate for girls to perform dance in front of men, so boys younger than the age of 10 years old were trained hard in order to dance at events and royal parties.


120500764Another royal dancer is wearing three layers of outerwear. From the outside, he has on a vested coat, a long-sleeved red coat, and a short jacket. Layering was a very important concept in the history of Korean hanbok, signifying formality. Even dancers would wear several layers of clothing.



A female dancer is wearing a light green performing coat with 5-colored sleeves.


Image Credits:

Vogue Korea, January 2007

Photographed by Jung Yong Sun, Styling by Suh Young heeĀ 

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  1. Jojo says:

    Beautiful. Culturally fulilling and aesthetically pleasing.

    1. K-Silk Kim says:

      Thank you so much. I love how you worded that -“culturally fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing”! : )

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