Uigwe, what they left behind


A Poem

지나간 왕조

Past dynasty,

보이는 유물들 전란에 사라졌으나

all visible relics war destroyed,

누가 짐작이라도 했으랴

who would have imagined that

수백년전 궁의 한 전각에서

in an royal palace from a few hundred years ago

밤낮없이 놀린 붓끝의 글씨가

the ceaseless writing of the tip of a brush,

누실되고 산재된 자료에 생명을 부여하여

giving life to records past,

마른뼈가 살아나듯

as dry bones revive,

오늘 바늘잡은 이의 손끝에서

become clothes of every shade

형형색색의 옷으로 지어진다.

from the very tip of the needle today.

그 붓끝의 글씨로 간절히 남기고 싶었던 것은

What they yearned to bequeath with the tip of their brush

거동의 儀禮(혹은 삶의 의례)

복식의 儀禮

禮는 평범한 삶에 우주와 같은 의미가 되었으니

-김 경 실 (K-Silk Kim)

The Chosun dynasty created(left behind) an unimaginable amount of records, both written and printed.


The artifacts were records of the country and the royal kingdom’s events from beginning to end. The order in which event directors and servants appeared, how they moved, the music and dances, and even the flowers used and the material and shape of the bowls that were used, what the food was made of, the drawings of the clothing worn, and the textiles and type of dye for the clothes were all recorded in detail. After the event was over, these records were made into several official manuscripts to be preserved in designated areas outside the palace.

The records of tradition are able to be passed onto Korea’s successors thanks to our ancestors’ meticulous preservation of artifacts based on their affection for duty and order. Even though living was hard and there was struggle, I think this was possible because people understood that life’s order was important and believed in the beauty of showing respect and manner by wearing the appropriate clothing.

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  1. Wesley Lee says:

    Elaborate description/reflection of the delicacy of the exquisite creations of the Chosun Dynasty!

    1. K-Silk Kim says:

      Thank you! : )

  2. Hannah says:

    Nice poem. It’s amazing to know how numerous amounts of artifacts are well preserved to this day. I’d like to further read about the events that occurred in the palace during the Chosun dynasty!

    1. K-Silk Kim says:

      Thank you 🙂

      1. K-Silk Kim says:

        I’ll be sure to post more about that soon!

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