The Uigwe

Uigwe (Hangul의궤; Hanja儀軌) is the generic name given to a vast collection of approximately 3,895 books recording in detail the royal rituals and ceremonies of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.


The Official Site of Korea Tourism Org. calls the Uigwe the Royal Protocols of the Joseon Dynasty, saying that it literally means “a model for rituals”, recording text and illustrations of all the important state ceremonies and events of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910).

The Uigwe is important to the context of this website, as it serves as a historical guide that covers the royal wedding rituals and costumes of Kings and Queens, the crowning of the prince, and other official events. The Uigwe contains detailed illustrations of these events, considered to be a valuable legacy to Korea.

의궤사진 510

가례도감의궤반차도의 내용은 왕이 왕비 집(별궁)에 가서 친영의를 마치고 그날 저녁에 어전에서 합방을 하게 되는데, 이 동뢰연을 치르기 위하여 별궁에서 대궐로 시위(호위)를 받으며 왕비가 오는 장면을 그리는 것이다. 반차도에 왕 가마와 왕비의 가마가 있는 것은 친영의를 마치고 왕이 앞서고 왕비가 뒤에 따라오는 환궁장면을 그린 것이고, 반차도에 왕비의 가마만 보이는 것은 왕비가 별궁에서 동뢰연을 하기 위하여 어전으로 오는 장면을 그린 것이다.

The picture above shows the Queen being escorted from the ‘byul-goong(a temporary palace for the Queen)’ to the ‘uh-jeon(the royal bedroom)’ after the ‘chin-young-ui(a ceremony to welcome the Queen into the royal family)’. Pictures with both the King and Queen’s sedan chairs depict them being escorted back to the palace after the ‘chin-young-ui’, and pictures with just the Queen’s sedan chair mean to show the Queen on her way to the ‘uh-jeon’ for the wedding reception(after-wedding celebration).

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