The wedding of crown prince Jungjo’s 10 year old son

248 years ago, 1762 in winter, January’s Hanyang was celebrating a wedding of 10-year son of crown prince successor’s wedding for the first time after the establishment of Joseon. In January, 2010, the Korean Royal Costume Research Institute revived costumes in the wedding.

King Jungjo was a grandson whom King Yeongjo had in three years after losing the first royal prince successor. With the family ritual ahead, the mind of King Yeongjo with careful concern by distributing the news extensively is handed down to us today through data of annals. Although King Yeongjo was a strong king to harmonize Noron with Soron, his sincere affection for his wise grandson who enjoyed wearing rough cotton was the same as that of a normal grandfather.

Jungjihyouihoo Garyecheonguigwe, the original data of this historical evidence exhibition, is data which lets us know about what boys and girls of the royal court in the Joseon Dynasty wore in wedding ceremony as only one handed-down document of son of crown prince successor’s wedding ceremony. Through the data, we can see costumes for children of the royal court such as formal coat made with ramie is expressed in maid’s costume with luxurious colors.

In Paegunbok of parade which the royal prince successor takes his bride to the royal court, an item such as a belt with a bag has an excellent function and design even in today’s viewpoint. Therefore, through it, we can guess an eye for beauty of our ancestors.






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