What the princess wears

Korean traditional costumes for the crown princess were very intricate, especially for the wedding ceremony.

Crown princess, spouse of crown prince, due for the next queen consort is expected to assume important role in consolidating the foundation of the royal family. Royal Marriage refers to the marriages of the royal family involving the Queen and wife of her eldest son, the crown prince, who is appointed so succeed to the throne. Royal Marriage consisted of six ceremonies were held over a long period of several months. So Royal Marriage was one of the biggest national events attended by thousands of people.


Ceremony for the proposal of marriage and its acceptation. Royal Court sends an envoy to Queen’s Palace where the queen-to-be is staying. Napchae consist of two sub-ceremonies, called Napcheu and Sunapcheu respectively. In Napchae, Royal Court makes a proposal to Queen’s Palace. In Sunapchaeu, Queen’s Palace accepts the proposal.


Ceremony for the delivery of the wedding presents. Royal Court sends and envoy to the Crown Princess’s Palace where the Queen-to-be is staying. Napchig consists of two sub-ceremonies, called Napchingeu and Sunapchingeu respectively. In Napchingeu, Royal Court sends wedding presents to the Crown Princess’s Palace. In Sunapchingeu, the Crown Princess’s Palace accept the present.


Ceremony to choose the wedding date. Gogi consists of two sub-ceremonies, called Gogieu and Sugogieu respectively. In Gogieu, the Royal Court reports the official wedding date to the Crown Princess’s Palace. In Sugogieu, the Crown Princess’s Palace accepts the announcement.


Ceremony to invest the bride with the title of “Queen”. Chaekbi consists of two sub-ceremonies, called Chaekbieu and Suchaekbieu respectively. In Chaekbieu, Royal Court officially invests the bride with a title of “queen”. In Suchaekbieu, Queen’s Palace accepts the title sent from Royal Court


Ceremony to greet Queen. In Chinyeong, King visits Queen’s Palace and returns to Royal Court with Queen.


Ceremony for the bridal night. In Chinyeong, King serves wine to Queen and the married couple spends the first night.

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