Crown Prince Hyomyeong’s installation ceremony

The Chiljangbok of crown prince Hyomyeong(1809 ~ 1830) portrait is being kept in the National Palace Museum of Korea.

In the right upper part of the portrait brief description, ‘翼宗敦文顯武仁懿孝明大王十八歲御眞’ is written – meaning that this portrait of Crown Prince Hyomyeong (though described as Great King) was drawn at his age of 18.(1826)

Crown Prince Hyomyeong was given his title after the designation and later his title was raised as Ik-jong翼宗 when another King Hun-jong was enthroned instead of him.

Hyomyeong was installed as crown prince at his age of four in 1812. It was not that young when compared with Jangheon at 2 and Munhyo at 3. For his installation ceremony Seven Pattern Robe Chiljangbok七章服 as Myeonbok for 4 year old boy was prepared as shown in the picture above.

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