255 years ago, the Chosun dynasty holds a royal marriage for the eldest grandson of the King (in a direct line) just in time for the renaissance of Chosun. It was the first royal marriage in 300 years since the founding of the country. The grandson’s name was Jeongjo(정조), and he would become the wisest and bravest ruler of Chosun.

Jeongjo married at age 10 to a girl of the same age. The marriage was carried out under the supervision of his grandfather, because his father was killed by none other than his(Jeongjo’s) grandfather. It’s like a work of Shakespeare.


The ceremonial robes of Jeongjo were made of black material with five types of patterns and embroidery. They were to be worn with a hat with seven beads strung in seven lines.

The eldest grandson of the King is born second place on the line of crown heritage, growing up being educated on the principles of royalty and wearing clothes decorated with the symbols of the king. Jeongjo’s formal ceremonial gown for the wedding show five patterns that represent the responsibilities of the king.

Both shoulders and sleeves have pictures of objects that signify that the king’s role should constantly be developing and changing, bowls used in memorial ceremonies that represent ancestors, a monkey to represent wisdom, and a tiger for bravery. Under the sleeves, grains of rice that represent the king’s responsibility to provide for the citizens, which is depicted with powdered jewels.

On the red ceremonial skirt in front of and behind the robes, there is a rabbit to signify the determination of the king and other forms to show that the king is unlike any other person in the world.