About K-Silk Kim


This is a website not only to preserve and promote Korean tradition but also to bring visitors one step closer to the genuine life’s work of K-Silk Kim.

K-Silk Kim

Ceaselessly looking around for the trails, I have spent 30 years reproducing the attires of the royal family who lived and protected the Korean peninsula.
I found trails of royal costumes revealing themselves out of lost and abandoned records.
I give thanks to our nameless ancestors who carefully recorded down all from the type of the cloth to the weight of the thread and who allowed me to give new lives to these attires.
So that this value can be worn in our everyday lives, I now design clothes with a hint of the royal beauty..

Apprentice to Park Gwanghun, Sewing Master(Chimseonjang), the Seoul City-designated Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 11

Adjunct Professor, Department of Fashion Design, Sungkyunkwan Univ.

Chief Researcher, Korean Royal Costume Research Institute

Director, The Korean Society of Fashion Design